Portrait Process

1.  In the initial meeting or conversation with my client…

  • We will discuss basic portrait design, including number of subjects, size, color of paper, pose, type of clothing, setting and type of background details. To create your portrait, I will normally use your photographs. Together, we will determine which photos are most suitable.  Multiple views/photos can be helpful if one “perfect” photo is not available. The photos need to be clear and no smaller than 5”x7” preferably. I will return the photos to you upon completion of your portrait.
  • We will talk about the personality of the subject of the portrait – regardless of whether it is an animal or a person. My goal is to reflect the personality successfully in my work.
  • We will establish a timetable so that you will know when to expect to see progress on the portrait and when to receive it in its completed state. Factors that influence the timeframe are my workload, the complexity of your portrait, and your deadline circumstances (for example, if the portrait is a gift).
  • A 50% deposit is due at the start of this process. The balance is due when your portrait has been completed to your satisfaction.

2.  In the next meeting, we will…

  • Review the portrait’s progress together to determine if any adjustments need to be made.

3.  In the third and final meeting, the portrait will be presented for your final approval. At this point, I will do any necessary touch-ups so that you are satisfied with the finished portrait. If desired, I can also make suggestions about matting and framing.

Please note:  In lieu of having meetings with you, I can email you photos of the portrait in its various stages.

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Portrait Process
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Artwork photo
Dog portrait
Dog portrait work in progress. View completed portrait in gallery (Art by Commision) Casey Jones under no.4