Shirley Kelly is a Midwest artist who specializes in creating realistic portraits of people and animals including dogs, horses and cats. Born and raised in Indiana, Shirley earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University’s Herron School of Art, where she focused on drawing, painting and printmaking. Her recent work is in pastels, charcoal or pencil, and her portraits can be commissioned in color or in black and white.
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" When I am commissioned to create an original portrait, I take the responsibility very seriously. I am honored that my client is entrusting me to produce a likeness that reflects the physical characteristics as well as the spirit of the individual person or animal. I am all about the details that make the person or animal unique -- I love the challenge of capturing the “look in the eyes” and the subtleties in the facial expression.  The distinctive features and the special qualities in each face inspire me. My interest in portraiture has been life-long, and I am grateful for the opportunity to devote my energy and time to my passion."
— Shirley Kelly